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Date: 07-03-2015
Title: Call of the Chairman, CGB
Old Faujians Association [OFA]
Committee appointed at the Faujians' Reunion at FCC on 25-27 Dec'2014
Calling all Old Faujians
My Dear Fellow Faujians,

Warm greetings to you and your family members.

You may have read by now the Notice for election of the Central Governing Body of the Old Faujians Association. This election, I firmly believe, will pave the path for our organizational unity and a stronger platform in true Faujian spirit. You will be pleased to know, in order to ensure an absolutely fair and inclusive election it has been decided that none of the members of the Committee you appointed at the College on 27 December 2014 will contest for any position in the ensuing election. It has been further decided to permit every Old Faujian to participate in the election, no matter his membership and annual fees are outstanding; only requirement will be to register yourselves as a ?member? which can be done by contacting the Chapter Offices or with the OFA website.

Faujians all over the world display enviable record of success, brilliance and an unflinching care for the College. FCC has a strong place in the core of our hearts, our thoughts and intent to ?give back to the college for what we received from it.? The recent Reunion was a glaring example of our respect for the institution. I am sure it will grow stronger and stronger everyday.

Dear Faujians,our fraternity takes pride from the unique bond that Faujdarhat has instilled in us. We have had differences amongst us at times but the common interest, ?welfare of the college and a non-breakable tie of the fraternity? was never in question. It took one Bangabandhu to launch freedom movement in Bangladesh. It was one Churchill who gave confidence and hope to a despairing nation. It took one Franklin Roosevelt to think and act like a winner in the midst of great depression. It takes only one little spark to start a big fire. We together 2900 strong and ever-growing are the greatest army for all the good and peace. Let us believe in our unique purpose and serve as a good role model for our younger Old Faujians. Let us multiply as a force fully committed to the noble cause of brotherhood and friendship. Let us look to the future together. Let us join hands together to say that Faujians, wherever we may be are committed to compassion, peace and to our Alma Mater. It is time for us to be the advocate of harmony and there is no better way to accomplish this than to conscientiously elect a Leadership that will strengthen the bricks and mortars of our beloved association.

OFA CGB election on April 18, 2015 will be a turning point to reinvigorate our organizational strength. Let us all participate in the election.

Thank you.


M.Saiful Islam(10th)
Chairman, CGB
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