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Old Faujians Association (OFA) is an alumni Association of the ex-students of Faujdarhat Cadet College (FCC).
Old Faujians Association [OFA]
Committee appointed at the Faujians' Reunion at FCC on 25-27 Dec'2014

Date: 18 April 2015

Report of the Secretary General
Fellow Faujians,

Assalamu Alaikum and good evening to you all.

On behalf of the OFA Central Governing Body I welcome you all at the OFA Convention 2011.

Whilst we congregate here to review our activities, we remember with gratitude our fellow brothers who made supreme sacrifices for the liberation of our country. We mourn the premature demise of the Faujians who were martyred at the BDR Peelkhana carnage in 2009. Many of our brothers, teachers, FCC staff and family members of the fraternity left for their heavenly abode. We pray to the Almighty for the salvation of their souls.

The outgoing CGB comprised of the following officials was formed on 27 December 2014 at the business session on the eve the Reunion at FCC :
1. Chairman: M. Saiful Islam (10)
2. Vice Chairman: Mohammad Ali (06)
3. Vice Chairman: Mohammad Sanaullah (21)
4. General Secretary: Majedur Rahman (16)
5. Treasurer: Jahangir Khan (10)
6. Joint Secretary: Minhaz Mannan Emon (28)
7. Members:
   a. Engr. Mohammad Yousuf (15)
   b. M. Mainul Islam (20)
   c. Arif Shahriar (23)
   d. Ishtiaque Zahir (24)
   e. Abu Zaur Nizam (39)
   8. Ex Officio: Dr. Ramizuddin Chowdhury, President Chittagong Chapter
   9. Ex Officio: Nasiruddin Chowdhury (30), President Dhaka Chapter

Presided over by OFn. Lt Gen Mollah Fazle Akbar ndc psc (15), following resolutions were adopted at the meeting:

The above elected CGB will be the only body to be recognized by the Cadet Colleges’ Governing Authority. Any other body except for the chapters who are valid and recognized entities, will be dissolved with immediate effect.

The elected CGB will have tenure of 12 months by when they will endeavor to unite Old Faujians and arrange the holding of Election of CGB.

Entrusted with the daunting task CGB outlined a process and succeeded in implementing the required actions as stated below:

1. CGB obtained records of registration of the two entities and held 8 formal meetings. We had several consultations with the concerned authorities and legal experts on the steps to follow towards reunification and regularization of the records.
2. Approached Committees of both the entities for reunification
3. Committees of both the entities provided us written agreement to holding of an election and handing over responsibilities to the newly elected CGB
4. A website was created to keep members of the fraternity informed of all actions undertaken by the CGB whilst supporting the Election Commission in facilitating enrolment of Faujians as member/voter and communicating all notifications.
5. CGB received full support of the Dhaka and Chittagong chapters in all respects
6. An Election Commission was formed on February 10, 2015
7. Election Commission announced Election schedules and completed the process on due dates.
8. CGB held a dinner on April 12,2015 with the officials of both the Committees and the incoming committee to exchange pleasantries

In achieving the above milestones leading to building a stronger platform and reunification of all Old Faujians under one roof we received spontaneous support of the two outgoing committees, the Governing Body of Cadet Colleges and the Registrar of Joint Stock and Companies. I would like to make particular mention of few individuals without whose valuable support the achievements would have been difficult; they are OFn. Mohammad Hanif (28), OFn. Minhaz Mannan Emon (28), OFn. Nasiruddin Chowdhury (30) and OFn. Ziad Hossain (35).

In conclusion, I would like to say that our respected Chairman has most effectively guided us to achieve our objectives at a very critical moment of the association. Last but not the least, your endorsement of our actions, enthusiasm and the cooperation we received from you has been simply superb. We remain grateful to you all.

Thank you. Long live OFA.

Majedur Rahman
General Secretary
Life Member
Registered Member
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